July 18, 2018

Hey guys! 

For our first blog post, we decided to talk about our top 3 USA destinations to visit this summer.


CHICAGO, Illinois

We just recently came back form a 4 day trip to Chicago, and man… it's amazing. There's so much stuff to do and visit, that a 4 day stay isn't quite enough. Go see a Cubs game at the famous Wrigley field, or take a stroll down the Navy Pier, take a picture in front of the Cloud Gate… A lot of options for you to choose from.
If you're not scared of heights, we suggest you go to the Sky Deck, in the Willis Tower, where you'll be able to walk in a glass box, from the 103rd floor! The view from up there is just breathtaking.



We don't call it the ''city that never sleeps'' for nothing! You can never get bored in NYC. Restaurants, bars, museums, shops, you name it, NYC has it. There's the Statue of Liberty you'll want to go see, Central Park, the Empire State Building… One place you won't wanna miss is Time Square. You will be surrounded by giant screens, advertising all sort of products or movies. All the lights and colors, and yellow taxis kind of make you feel like you're in a movie. That said, a lot of popular american movies have scenes that were filmed in Time Square.



The beach, the ocean, what more could you ask for? San Francisco offers you a million possibilities. Hop in one of the Cable Cars, take the ferry to Alcatraz Prison where Al Capone served his sentence, visit Union Square…
But before you go, don't forget to stop by the most beautiful bridge ever (in our opinion, of course) : The Golden Gate Bridge. With its orange-red colour, the Golden Gate is one of the most popular bridges in the world.


Enjoy your summer,


See ya!

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