Already at a young age, the founder of Mavericks Collection, Jeenick Gab, feels different from the other children. An omnipresent anxiety leads him to believe that he will never fit into the pre-established mould of society. Imagine the heaviness of this feeling on a child. 

From his adolescence to his life as a young adult, his anxiety causes him cognitive distortions. His distortions affect many spheres of his life. Predominantly his emotional life, his interactions with others and his financial security, this forcing him to take a step back from his life. Jeenick Gab, now 25 years old, decides to leave everything behind and depart on an adventure to regenerate and regain control of his existence. During this trip, for the first time in a long time, he finally felt like oneself. He felt nothing but pure, simple happiness. No anxiety. No questioning. Only a smile on his lips, forces the demons out of his head, making room for his new dreams and ambitions.

His return to the country, however, rings the return of his anxiety. By a happy coincidence, he finds an old black shoebox that his mother had filled with ''craft'' objects. Locks himself in a peaceful and comforting place and lets his creativity run wild. After a few hours during which he makes his first bracelet, he realizes that he has regained his self-control and that his panic attack has passed. This day that started gloomily concludes in an inspired way with the creation of Mavericks Collection. 

Mavericks is a place where the best surfers face a colossal challenge, huge waves of up to 20 meters in height. Some ride them with ease, but for the most part, the energy of other surfers is required to rise and succeed. For Jeenick, his wave is his anxiety. The accessories created by Jeenick Gab, represent this strength that allows us to challenge our various daily obstacles.